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Born in London in 1965 Frances is now a practicing artist and designer living in Hampshire on the south coast of England. She graduated in 1988 with an honours degree in Graphic Design from Leicester Polytechnic specialising in Illustration.  She went on to Birmingham Polytechnic and gained a post-graduate in Art and Design Education and has combined her artistic practice with teaching since then.

"Teaching others has been essential to developing my own visual language. The daily task of reflecting on others work has taught me to be constantly open to the exploratory nature of producing art and I now actively seek the unexpected as part of my own process."

Spanning the spheres of design and fine art her work reflects her interest in both decorative and expressive qualities. Strong formal elements combined with intuitive mark-making and colour are fundamental elements in all her work brought together skilfully in balanced and exciting compositions. 

Her painting process involves initial expressive mark-making to which she then responds by adding layers of varying thicknesses of paint. Often alternating between dark and light and always with elements left unchanged the paintings develop a complex surface which both reveal and either fully or partially obscure the history of each piece. These glimpses of the paintings evolution are now essential to her work.

'My paintings have evolved as a physical manifestation of a personal internal dialogue'.

Her work explores the idea that our own histories and memories become progressively obscured by passing time and new experiences. As time goes on these memories become increasingly fragmented and in the same way the paint hides passages of the painting we get glimpses of our past and our evolution towards the present.

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